Authentic by Nature
The purity of nature, the wisdom of the past and the quality of state-of-the-art techniques come together in a premium mastiha drink that is nothing like the rest.
Stichion is the marriage of superb ingredients into a sweet, robust, crystalline drink of 26% alc/vol, whose uniqueness honors its long history and noble heritage.
Inspired by the bark of the mastiha tree, the distinctive bottle embodies the authentic tradition of mastiha in a sophisticated, uniquely balanced result: a velvety distillate that speaks both to the palate and to the heart.
Τop distinction for a top spirit!
Stichion won the Gold Medal in the international competition "Spirits Selection" of the Concours Mondial de Bruxelles for 2023, an event with top recognition, which is also a meeting point for distinguished tasting and distilling professionals, from all over the world!

In addition, Stichion stood out among 4000 candidates from 90 countries and was awarded as the world’s best liqueur in the International Wine and Spirit Competition 2022, the biggest and most prestigious spirits competition globally. Namely, Stichion earned the GOLD OUTSTANDING award for its exceptional quality and taste and following a strict evaluation process, it reached the top and earned the LIQUERS TROPHY 2022, the highest prize in its category!
Made to Perfection
It’s a long journey to perfection. First, the master distiller turns to the Chios Mastiha Growers Association to source the prized “tears” of 100% pure, natural mastiha resin. Once he has acquired the rare ingredient, the exacting execution of the secret recipe begins with distillation in traditional copper stills.
This process yields a clear distillate that, once watered down to reach 26% alc/vol, is combined with sugar, per the traditional formula.
It is this unique combination that makes Stichion so different and bestows rich aroma, balanced sweetness, and robust, full body with a creamy, generous texture.
Elegant and Balanced
An imposing heritage that spans centuries ensures faithful adherence to the prized recipe, which makes Stichion so genuine and so very different. The select ingredients of exceptional quality, the ideal balance and the art of distillation hide its secrets, and make every sip of Stichion endlessly enjoyable.

In the nose, a procession of the emblematic olfactory nuances of mastiha – playful, vibrant, vivid. They are beautifully combined with fresh notes of pine, delectable hints of sweet almond and saccharine nuances of vanilla – a result of the outstanding quality of ingredients.
The mouth is spectacular, akin to a dive into pure, unprocessed, natural mastiha, with discreet sweetness and fully integrated alcohol bestowing a velvety, noble sensation.
A fabled history
Known to Ancient Greeks and Romans for its therapeutic qualities and linked with goddess Artemis as a symbol of purity, mastiha has always stood out in human history. In Byzantine times, it was selected as one of the 57 components of the Chrism – the holy anointing oil of Eastern Christianity. In the Middle Ages, it fought the Black Death. In the Renaissance, it excelled as valuable merchandise traded by the Genoese.
It accompanied Christopher Columbus on his voyage to America. It was cherished in the harems of the Orient for its taste and ethereal oil. Through the millennia, it was glorified as an aphrodisiac; it cured warriors and it relieved gourmands.
Today, mastiha is popular for its outstanding scent and characteristic flavor, having claimed a prominent place in gastronomy and beverage-making.
What we call mastiha is the 100% natural resin of the mastiha tree – Pistacia lentiscus var. chia – which only grows in the south part of Greece’s Chios island.

Recognized as a Protected Designation of Origin (P.D.O.) product since 1997, it is produced to strict standards, exclusively by the Chios Mastiha Growers Association. This exceptionally time-consuming and arduous task remains unchanged through the centuries, spans the entire year, and is so exacting that it comes with its own terminology.
Early in the summer, as soon as the weather turns warmer, everyone helps with the “ksysimo”. Meaning “scraping”, this is the word used to describe weeding the ground around the mastiha trees.
For the “table” – the soil around the bark – to be clear, fallen leaves are removed using a traditional method.
The farmers fashion fans from mastiha tree leaves and use them to blow away any fallen twigs and leaves. After this “fysima” [blowing], a special type of white soil is laid onto the ground, for natural mastiha to drip onto.
Later, in August, comes “kentima” [embroidery]. With skillful moves, the experienced hands of the cultivators carefully carve etchings onto the tree. They start with the bark and spread out to the branches, taking great care not to harm the plant.
The precious “tears” will drop from these tiny incisions – some onto the prepared ground, though others will stabilize on the plant, in teardrop shape.
Mastiha is collected at night or early in the morning, as the heat of the summer would make the resin sticky and gathering more difficult.
The process starts with the “little pita pies” – mastiha resin that has dropped to the ground in little round pie shapes. Once this “pitologima” [pie-picking] is complete, they harvest the teardrops.
After the harvest reaches the grower’s home, it’s time to start the “koskinisma”, which refers to sifting the product to clear the mastiha from foreign bodies.
Then, it is the turn of “pastrema” [cleaning] – a thorough task that lasts the entire winter. In every village, women spend endless hours on the “pastrema” together, using a small knife to clean and cut, with remarkable thoroughness, each and every crystallized piece of mastiha.
Finally, the clean and clear mastiha resin will be taken to the Chios Mastiha Growers Association to be weighted, assessed, categorized and processed.
Tradition served cool
Customarily, Stichion is enjoyed neat, on ice, after a meal. Yet, it has also seized the opportunity to reveal its modern character with refreshing cocktails. Stichion bestows aromatic body to long drinks, lends Mediterranean elegance to ingenious twists on popular recipes, and invites you to a game of invention, bringing into our evenings an aura of Chios and the Aegean.
South of Chios
The Greek version of the classic South Side cocktail
60 mL Stichion
25 mL lime juice
15 mL sugar syrup
5 spearmint leaves

Shake all ingredients with ice. Double strain into a coupe glass. Garnish with a mint leaf.
Stichion Colada
A sweet and creamy Greek tiki-style cocktail!
60 ml Stichion
10 ml lime juice
30 ml pineapple puree
20 ml coconut puree

Shake all ingredients with ice. Strain into a Collins glass with crushed ice. Garnish with a slice of pineapple and pineapple leaves
Stichion Smash
A cooling cocktail with intense, thirst-quenching mastiha aromas
50 ml Stichion
½ lemon, quartered
20 ml vanilla syrup

In an Old Fashioned glass, press vanilla syrup and lemon with a pestle, to release the juice and the oils from the zest. Pour Stichion and crushed ice. Stir and garnish with a lemon wedge.
Stichion Bramble
Sweet and sour, this fruity cocktail features mastiha and blackberries
50 ml Stichion
25 ml lime juice
15 ml sugar syrup
5 ml blackberry liqueur

Mix Stichion, lemon and sugar syrup in an Old Fashioned glass. Add crushed ice and stir. Add the blackberry liqueur and garnish with a lemon wedge and a single blackberry.
Stichion Kaimaki
A sweet, creamy dessert cocktail inspired by classic kaimaki ice cream
60 ml Stichion
30 ml dairy cream
10 ml milk
20 ml sugar syrup
1 dash Mahlepi bitters

Shake all ingredients with ice in a blender or shaker. Double-strain into a glass with a little ice. Grate a little cinnamon on top.
Fancy Sour
Sweet and sour cocktail with Stichion, enhanced with tsipouro Kalaitzi and scented with strawberries, mint and notes of cinnamon
40 mL Stichion
20 mL Tsipouro Kalaitzi
15 mL Strawberry Liqueur
20 mL Lime juice
10 mL Cinnamon Syrup
5 Mint Leaves

Mix all ingredients well in a shaker with ice, double stir in a frozen “coupe”glass. Finally, rim the glass with biscuit crumbs.
Stichion Mandarin
Long Drink Cocktail with Stichion and Mandarin Soda, enhanced with pepper and vanilla.
60 mL Stichion
10 mL Vanilla syrup
Top Up Mandarin Soda

Shake Stichion and vanilla syrup in a shaker with ice, serve in a "LONG DRINK" glass and add Mandarin Soda. Garnish with a little pepper and a tangerine peel.
Chios Magestic
Sweet and sour mandarin flavored and vanilla scented cocktail with Stichion, enhanced with vodka
50 mL Stichion
20 mL Vodka
20 mL Lime juice
25 mL Mandarin Puree
20 mL Vanilla syrup

Shake all ingredients with ice, double stir in an “old fashioned” glass. Add orange zest and garnish with orange peel.
Once Upon A Time
Creamy cocktail with Stichion, yogurt, cherry gin, fresh lime and cherry soda.
45 mL Stichion
20 mL Cherry gin
20 mL Sugar Syrup
25 mL Lime juice
Top Up Cherry soda

Shake all the ingredients -except for Cherry Soda- with ice, double stir in a "HIGHBALL" glass and add Cherry Soda. Garnish with 2 maraschino cherries.
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Seeking to promote the charm and wealth of the Greek land, we have created the Greek Spirits Collection, a selection of four Greek spirits. Our vision is to claim a place for them at food and drink venues – as well as in the hearts of bartenders and consumers alike; to create a culture that extends beyond our borders and becomes a global platform for the values of Greek spirits.
Seeking to promote the charm and wealth of the Greek land, we have created the Greek Spirits Collection, a selection of four Greek spirits. Our vision is to claim a place for them at food and drink venues – as well as in the hearts of bartenders and consumers alike; to create a culture that extends beyond our borders and becomes a global platform for the values of Greek spirits.